PROFILE | Yuga Kurita 栗田ゆが

1971 年生まれ。埼玉県出身。
若い頃は世界各国を放浪して暮らした。特にインドでは断食や瞑想三昧の生活を送り、様々な霊的体験をする。帰国後は翻訳をしながら、作曲等の表現活動に従事していた。人生の転機は軽い気持ちで始めた SNSだった。SNS で写真を公開して直接ファンと交流している写真家達に大いに刺激をうけて、自分も撮影活動を開始した。その後は作品制作に没頭し、瞬く間に数々の撮影・現像テクニックをマスターする。「自分にとって最高の被写体は富士山である」と悟り、富士の麓に引っ越して5年が経過した。撮影を通した忘我の境地を目指し鋭意撮影を続けている。 / 栗田ゆが

Born in Japan’s Saitama prefecture in 1971, Yuga Kurita spent years as a young adult backpacking throughout the world. He soon formed a bond with India and immersed himself in spiritual meditation, fasting, and enjoyed deep cultural connections.
After returning to Japan Yuga spent years expressing his creativity through music with an Indian instrument know as the Sitar, synthesizers, and Vocaloid software.
Regarding his music, Yuga noted, “I was struggling to create something completely new. As I tried to integrate many unique elements without outside support or influence, I pushed too experimental and went a bit too far.”
Some years later, he joined Google+ and witnessed photographers directly interacting with their audience and was seized by the profound potential. With this he decided to pursue photography and pushed his creativity in a new direction.
Yuga explored a range of subjects from people to landscapes. One day, after shooting Fuji all through the night, he heard a huge chorus of birds at dawn. As if being struck by lightning, Yuga suddenly realized Mt. Fuji had stolen his heart. He immediately packed his bags, moved to the Mt. Fuji area and spent his waking hours in pursuit.
“I traveled in the world to find what I was looking for, now I found that it was always in Japan.” – Yuga Kurita

EXHIBITION / Island Gallery
2013.08 Google+ 三人写真展 The Three Men Emerge
2014.06 富士物語 新しい時代
2015.08 自然の聲
2017.02 失われた宇宙を求めて In Search of Lost Space
2018.03 Sea Change

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